Rose’s Menu


We proudly serve Portland Roasting Coffee.
Premium Quality * Farm Friendly Direct * Substainability
Available in:    12 oz     16 oz     20 oz

House Blend Coffees
(Medium or Dark Roast)
Caffé Americano
Caffé Espresso solo, doppio, triplo
extra shot - extra flavor - Almond, Hemp or Soy Milk - Steamed Milk "topper"
Caffé Latte
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
Caffé Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha


Available in:     12 oz     16 oz     20 oz
All Hot drinks are available Iced in 16 & 20 oz sizes.

Choice Organic Teas
(any size/extra bag...additional)
Oregon Chai
Hot Chocolate
Flavored Steamers
Italian Sodas
Darigold Milk
(2% or Fat-Free)
Chocolate Milk


Traditional New York Style, Boiled Bagels

Asssorted Gourmet Bagel
Fresh every morning, while they last!
Bagel with A Side
Butter • Cream Cheese • Jam
Bagel with Flavored Cream Cheese
Sun Dried Tomato • Three Berry
Bagel & Salmon Schmear
Our House Made Cream Cheese spread with real Nova Lox trim
Bagel with Nova Lox & Cream Cheese
Choice of fresh bagel with 2oz. of sliced Nova Lox and Cream Cheese
The Works
Sliced Nova Lox (4oz) served atop bagel of your choice and garnished with Cream Cheese, sliced tomato, red onion and capers


Served until 10:30 am daily.

Two Your Way
Two Farm Fresh Eggs, any style, sausage links, or bacon, hash browns, toast and Coffee. (Sub Juice...additional) (Sub Bagel...additional)
Sunrise Omelet
Create your own favorite. Cheddar cheese, Ham, sausage, bacon, tomato, onion and mushrooms. Served with hash browns, toast and Coffee. (Sub Juice...additional) (Sub Bagel...additional)
Omelet "a la carte" No sides
Joey's Special
Diced Kosher Salami and green onions scrambled with 2 farm fresh eggs and served with hash browns, toast and Coffee. (Sub Juice...additional) (Sub Bagel...additional)
Breakfast Burrito
Scrambled eggs, sausage, Cheddar cheese, bell peppers, tomato and onion. Served with hash browns and Coffee. (Sub Juice...additional) (Sub Bagel...additional)
Burrito "a la carte" No sides
Biscuit & Gravy Scramble
Two freshly scrambled eggs with warm, freshly-baked biscuit smothered in Country Gravy.
Breakfast Bagel Sandwich
A fresh bagel with scrambled egg and Cheddar cheese. Add bacon, ham or sausage patty...additional
Nova Lox & Bagel
Choice of fresh bagel with 2 oz of sliced Nova Lox and cream cheese.


Side Bacon or Links (3)
Egg a la Carte
Eggs a la Carte (2)
Eggs a la Carte (3)
Biscuit & Country Gravy
Side Hash Browns
Side Biscuit (1)
Side Toast (2)
Side Veggies


Made Fresh Daily…Always Delicious.  Served with Saltines
Add Roll & Butter…Additional

Cup (12oz)
Bowl (16 oz)


“Veggie Option” on all Entrée Salads…

Grilled Chicken Caesar
Crisp Romaine, grilled chicken breast, our own Lemon Caesar dressing tossed with savory croutons and topped with shaved Parmesan cheese. Homemade bagel chips.
Apple & Glazed Walnut
Grilled chicken, sliced apple, candied walnuts, Craisins, Blue Cheese crumbles and red onion served on a bead of crisp romaine and dressed with our fat-free Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.
Grilled Salmon Caesar
Our classic Caesar Salad topped with freshly grilled Northwest Salmon. Served with our Homemade bagel chips.
Southwestern Chicken
Grilled chicken breast, crisp romaine, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes and crispy tortilla strips topped with our house made Cilantro Vinaigrette dressing.
Classic Cobb
Turkey breast, ham, crisp bacon, hard-boiled egg, garbanzo beans and red onion on crisp romaine lettuce. Served with our own Pesto Ranch dressing.
BBQ Chicken Chopped
Copped greens, black beans, corn, cilantro, pepperjack cheese and green onions, tossed in our herb ranch dressing and topped with diced tomatoes, crispy tortilla strips and chopped chicken breast, brushed with a tangy BBQ sauce.
Asian Chicken
Sliced chicken breast, served warm on a bed of mixed greens with toasted almonds, Mandarin oranges and green onions. Served with a Ginger Sesame dressing.


Grilled to order. Stacked high on marble rye with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and 1000 Island dressing. Choice of sides and a kosher dill pickle.

The Original
Rose's own creation, a delicious combination of lean corned beef and turkey breast.
The Bronx
A Reuben with a kick...all flavorful pastrami
The Traditional
For the purist at heart...all lean corned beef.
The Rookie
For Turkey lovers...Nothing but lean turkey breast.
Rueben, Jr.
Not quite that hungry, but still in ned of a Reuben fix? All the goodies of the "big guys", but in a perfect size for lunch!


A Rose’s tradition for generations!  Served with choice of sides and a kosher dill pickle.

The Royale
A Rose's favorite from years gone by...Flavorful warm Pastrami, stacked high on Marble Rye bread and topped with melted Swiss cheese and our own Egg Salad and 1000 Island dressing.
The Downtowner
Tender roast beef, turkey breast & Swiss cheese stacked high on Marble Rye with 1000 Island dressing, lettuce and tomato.
The Rose City
Thinly sliced turkey breast, cream cheese and crisp lettuce stacked high on sourdough with our house made Cranberry-Orange relish.

The Executive
Lean Virginia ham, turkey breast & Swiss cheese stacked high on Marble Rye with 1000 Island dressing, lettuce and tomato.
The New Yorker
Lean, warm corned beef, stacked high and topped with Cole slaw & 1000 Island dressing. Served on Marble Rye.


Served with choice of sides.
(kosher pickle optional, please ask)

Rose's Classic Turkey Club
Sliced turkey breast, crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato on toasted sourdough.
French Dip
Warm, sliced roast beef with melted Swiss cheese and served on a French roll with a side of au jus.
Portland Cheese Steak
Sliced roast beef, grilled with green peppers and onions, topped with melted Provolone cheese on French roll.
Meatball Grinder
Flavorful meatballs topped with Marinara sauce, melted Provolone and shaved Parmesan cheese and served on a hoagie roll.
Grilled Meat Loaf
Our freshly-baked meat loaf served on toasted sourdough bread. Garnished with red onion, lettuce and sliced tomato.
Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich
Tender roast pork with our own tangy BBQ sauce, served on a Kaiser Bun with a side of slaw and a kosher dill pickle.
Deluxe Gardenbuger
Served with lettuce, tomato and red onion on toasted Whole Wheat bread.
Grilled Chicken Burger
A tender chicken breast grilled to order and garnished with lettuce, tomato & red onion. Add Cheese or Bacon additional.
Deluxe Deli Burger
Certified 100% Angus Beef grilled to order and garnished with lettuce, tomato & red onion. Add Cheese or Bacon additional.
Lox & Bagel
A generous 4 oz serving of genuine smoked Nova Lox served open-faced on a fresh bagel of your choice and garnished with cream cheese, sliced tomato, red onion and capers.


Enjoy our delicious new selection of grilled Panini sandwiches, made to order every day.  Served on a ciabatta roll with choice of side salad or chips.

Pesto Turkey Caprese
Sliced turkey breast, Mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil on a pesto brushed ciabatta roll.
Buffalo Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in Frank's Original Hot Sauce, topped with bleu cheese and grilled red onions.

Bada Bing
Salami, ham, Provolone, fresh basil, roasted red peppers and olive tapenade
Old Chicago
Hot pastrami, Swiss cheese, sautéed red onions and pepperoncini

El Cubano
Roast pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese and dill pickle on a grilled ciabatta roll brushed with yellow mustard.
Grilled Veggie
Grilled eggplant, roasted sweet peppers, onions and Swiss cheese with our house made herbed tomato spread.


Served on choice of bread with side salad or chips.
All condiments served on the side.
(kosher pickle optional, please ask)

Shown with Cookie and Soda not included

Turkey Breast
Hot Corned Beef
Virgina Ham
Chicken Salad
Hot Pastrami
Roast Beef
Egg Salad
Gourmet Veggie


A Rose’s Deli Tradition since 1956.  Choose any 2 different items.

Cup of Soup
Side Green Salad
Bagel Dog
Half Deli Sandwiches
Side Caesar Salad
Grilled Cheese Sandwich


The perfect lunch for those on the GO……
Dressed with lettuce & tomato and wrapped in a soft 10″ Spinach tortilla.

Turkey Breast
Lettuce and our cranberry cream cheese spread
Turkey Club
Sliced turkey, bacon, Cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato with our House Ranch dressing
Chicken Caesar
Grilled chicken breast, crisp Romaine, Parmesan cheese and our House Lemon Caesar dressing
Tuna Salad
Virginia Ham
Lettuce, tomato and our Dijon cream cheese spread
Chicken Chipotle
Grilled chicken, bacon, Cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and our Chipotle Ranch dressing
El Guapo
Grilled chopped burger, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and 1000 Island dressing
Chicken Salad
Roast Beef
Lettuce and tomato with our horseradish cream cheese spread
Pesto Chicken
Grilled chicken breast, Mozzarella, fresh basil, tomato and lettuce with our House Pesto Ranch
Hummus, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, fresh basil, onion and roasted red peppers
Egg Salad


Chef’s choice!  Ask or check the Daily Specials Board.


Served with your choice of dressings.

Chef Salad
Tuna Salad
Chicken Salad
Cobb Salad
Egg Salad


Half Deli Sandwiches
On choice of bread
Grilled cheese Sandwich
Cheddar or Swiss
The "Ankle Biter"
PB & J on choice of bread
Bagel dog
Smoked all-beef frank wrapped in bagel dough
By the Scoop
Tuna, Chicken of Egg salad
Side Caesar Salad
With bagel chips
Side Green Salad
Choice of dressings
Mixed Seasonal Fruit Salad
Cup or Bowl
Side Potato Salad or Cole Slaw
Side Pasta Salad
Large Roll
With butter
Homemade Bagel Chips
Kettle Style Chips
Assorted flavors
Baked Lays Chips


Available in:     16 oz     21 oz     32 oz

Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Cherry Coke
Mr. Pibb
Barg's Root Beer
Fanta Orange
Minute Maid Lemonade


Bottled Water
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
San Pellegrino Limonata
San Pellegrino Aranciata
Dr. Brown's Soda
Italian Soda
(20 oz)
Martinelli's Apple Juice
V-8 Vegetable Juice
Tropicana Orange Juice
Tropicana Cranberry Juice
Darigold Milk
Pint (RSB Free)
Stash Brewed Ice Tea
(16 oz / 20 oz / 32 oz)


Assorted Fruit Smoothies
Assorted Coffee Drinks